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Hey all! I'm Ashley/Verli, I am 21, a girl and I like to draw and stuff I guess! Here's where I post art and things. Art will range from my own characters to commissions to fanart!
Stories are great.
I also really like cats.

Pixels by Xamag!

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4 days ago

collaboration commission drawn by tyronniesaur and I for two clients on fa!

1 week ago

adventures in style mimicking: the contimplation

2 weeks ago


I’m starting up a How To Train Your Dragon collab! Click the link if you’e interested in joining


(if it says something went wrong with the document, just click the x on the pop up window, it should be fine! I’ve been having that problem with other things on google docs tonight as well)

2 weeks ago

commission for onewhochandles of his character!

2 weeks ago
y u bein a tush
asked by Anonymous

a tush?? you surely mean The Tush. Capitalize my title next time.

2 weeks ago

Commission for Sawolf151!

3 weeks ago

glow thing!?!?!

3 weeks ago

i still lov u mariko


i still lov u mariko

4 weeks ago

sorry im so dead….im working on a big commission but have these little doodles i did!!

1 month ago
How long have u been painting with digital programs?
asked by Anonymous

I’ve dabbled in digital before, but when I started seriously working in digital it was cause of the influence of my group of friends at the time! (WHO IM STILL FRIENDS WITH BTW) (thanks a LOT u nerds gosh

I believe it was about eeh…..3 or 3 and a half years ago that i really started seriously working with digital programs. Started in gimp! I actually had to use my laptops touchpad to paint there for awhile…that was painful. I remember I had to do this (beware: terrible old art) all with a touchpad on gimp and believe me youll never be more grateful for a tablet than after trying to seriously paint with a touchpad. Eventually moved to photoshop and now Im trying to figure my way around sai, although I still use photoshop often!