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Hey all! I'm Ashley/Verli, I am 21, a girl and I like to draw and stuff I guess! Here's where I post art and things. Art will range from my own characters to commissions to fanart!
Stories are great.
I also really like cats.

Pixels by Xamag!

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4 days ago

adventures in style mimicking: the contimplation

1 week ago


I’m starting up a How To Train Your Dragon collab! Click the link if you’e interested in joining


(if it says something went wrong with the document, just click the x on the pop up window, it should be fine! I’ve been having that problem with other things on google docs tonight as well)

1 week ago

commission for onewhochandles of his character!

1 week ago
y u bein a tush
asked by Anonymous

a tush?? you surely mean The Tush. Capitalize my title next time.

1 week ago

Commission for Sawolf151!

2 weeks ago

glow thing!?!?!

2 weeks ago

i still lov u mariko


i still lov u mariko

2 weeks ago

sorry im so dead….im working on a big commission but have these little doodles i did!!

4 weeks ago
How long have u been painting with digital programs?
asked by Anonymous

I’ve dabbled in digital before, but when I started seriously working in digital it was cause of the influence of my group of friends at the time! (WHO IM STILL FRIENDS WITH BTW) (thanks a LOT u nerds gosh

I believe it was about eeh…..3 or 3 and a half years ago that i really started seriously working with digital programs. Started in gimp! I actually had to use my laptops touchpad to paint there for awhile…that was painful. I remember I had to do this (beware: terrible old art) all with a touchpad on gimp and believe me youll never be more grateful for a tablet than after trying to seriously paint with a touchpad. Eventually moved to photoshop and now Im trying to figure my way around sai, although I still use photoshop often!

4 weeks ago
How do you texture your drawings? Ive been trying to do it, and give them that pro look, but i cant seem to find out how to do it correctly
asked by Anonymous

Two ways really! 

The first and arguably the simplest is to add a texture (i prefer paper textures such as the ones hibbary has, but you can also scan a high res of some watercolor paper or any sort of paper youd like!) on top of your image, and then set it to either soft light or overlay. Sai doesnt have the soft light feature, so if Im using sai I usually use overlay, turn down the luminosity and saturation of the texture and sometimes lower the opacity as well. 

The second is to use textured brushes! Which I really love to do-I actually need to pull back a bit with textured brushes cause I feel like i can go a bit TOO overboard with them hehe. Its really fun to play with though so try it if you’d like! 

Also a combination of both a texture layer and textured brushes works as well! I hope this helps ;w;