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Hey all! I'm Ashley/Verli, I am 21, a girl and I like to draw and stuff I guess! Here's where I post art and things. Art will range from my own characters to commissions to fanart!
Stories are great.
I also really like cats.

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1 day ago

i mostly want this because she has been continuously yelling ‘NO’ about it for like ten minutes now and i gain energy from her anger and distress

1 day ago

i really want the reverse centaur drawings i did to get reblogged because theyre actually gnarlyninja's ocs and my dream is for tons of people to see them and that be their only impression of her ocs. this is what i want out of life

so if u love me u would reblog that post

1 day ago

ok, so I was drawing centaurs, yeah, and then WHAT IF WE REVERSE THE CENTAUR ??



ok, so I was drawing centaurs, yeah, and then WHAT IF WE REVERSE THE CENTAUR ??



2 days ago

Be the lightning in me

That strikes relentless

some of you may remember the old version of this from a year and a half ago, its a nice confidence booster redrawing older images!

Mariko still owns my heart, as always.

2 days ago

Figured I might as well upload these two together-this was something I did for a project a bit ago! Had to design a character and a landscape that both fit together in the realms of the world that they would hypothetically be set in.

3 days ago

have a bun

3 days ago

A walkthrough of that latest landscape I did if you guys are interested! I apologize if its not detailed enough, I had to go off of random screenshots I had taken during the process. @_@

Click the images to see the captions!

3 days ago
OMG! Your landscape paintings are SO GOOD T__T I'm so bad with backgrounds~ Could you do a quick tutorial, maybe? Or a step by step/screenshots? Or just give tips in general, you art goddess you? ;o;
asked by boxfullofbunnies

Ahh thank you so much!! ;w; Im really happy you like them, landscapes are one of the things I enjoy doing the most actually! (But they used to be one of the things I hated doing!)

I can try to do a tutorial sometime when my classes end, but in the meantime i have these walkthroughs  available and can also put up a walkthrough of the latest landscape piece I did in just a bit. 8) 

I think a lot of what can start to make backgrounds easier is your point of view. When you’re outside take notice of the area around you! See how things grow or are built and how the light affects them, how detailed things are closer up but as they are farther away they loose the sense of immediate detail and vibrancy of color that things closer to you may have. Observation really! Things that are father away will not be as vibrant in color to the foreground objects, they will tend to fade to the sky color as they recede into the distance. So if its a blue sky things will get bluer! Also make sure to check your values by turning the image greyscale-darker blacks and greys will be closer and shouldn’t be in the distance of the background as things will get lighter in value as they recede.

Secondly, people tend to regard backgrounds as tedious or not as interesting compared to the character-I say thats not true! Your backgrounds are really only as interesting as you let them be. You are the one creating this fictional space, so why not have fun with it! Put in things that interest you, or paint a place that you’d like to visit! This change of attitude really helped me to enjoy painting backgrounds and landscapes, so I hope that it’ll do the same for you too!

Edit: Heres that other walkthrough!

1 week ago

lookit these lame gifts i did for my loser friend gnarlyninja

1 week ago

some icon commissions ive done also!! some of these are p old some not